Phil Webb

Senior Creative Writer


Digitas UK and EE

#Climatestrike OOO


Soho and Gomorrah. Short film pitch.

Personal Project

Making Business More Rewarding

American Express British Airways

City Academy Ambient

City Academy

T&T Popstars Idents

T&T Drinks

Virgin Media Bus Side

Virgin Media

2021 Silver Best Customer Retention DMA

Lexus UK

Finalist Big Bus Challenge 2014

Open University

Burger King ‘Dinner’s a long way off’

Morrisons ‘The Best’


MTV Staying Alive Aids Awareness Campaign

MTV Staying Alive Org

Lava Handwash. Feel it work.

WD 40

Exxon Energy Saving Initiative


The last thing to go through a fly's mind. Winner Best Comedy London Short Film Fetstival

Personal project

Virgin Media Social

Virgin Media

Ikea Digital Pitch

Digitas LBi

American Express Global Corporate Payments Campaign

American Express GCP

Open University Underground Posters

MTV Staying Alive


Lexus LMB. Inspiring Content


Inspiring Stuff

Churchill War Rooms

Get What You Deserve

American Express Aquisition

Free Your Photos

Epson Photoprinters

John Lewis. Kitchen Monumental.

John Lewis

John Lewis Christmas

John Lewis

Winner Copywriting Goes Underground 2005


Making London Gorgeous

Peter Jones

Virgin Media Tactical Campaign

Client: Virgin Media. Agency: RAPP UK Launch

Daily Mirror

Charles Worthington ‘Goes to your head’

Charles Worthington

Bakers ‘The Heist’

Nestle Purina